The Company That I See

James Hinton
2 min readJul 8, 2022

I see a company. A company which is not yet here (at least to my knowledge at this time), but yet exists in my heart and mind. A company which isn’t possible in my view — or at least not with the resources we have at this time.

Yet it’s a company which I think needs to be.

I had this picture back in 2020, but I’m sharing it here for reference :)

I see this incredible series of global companies all reporting into a central hub, where they are providing spiritual hope, love, joy and peace. A hub which provides all the services they need from finance and legal through to Cyber Security and IT. Where each department, no matter how big / small is well run and set up to empower others for success. But also set up for profit.

Where we build and empower leaders who are compassionately kingdom focused but who also invest in the business world, creating companies who are globally successful.

I see a kingdom company who are known and trusted to behave ethically and with integrity, trusted by governments and people all over the world to prosper and grow them, their communities and those in power.

I see us as trusted partners for some of the largest and most transformative projects on the planet, known for getting the job done, for doing it well, for not taking short cuts and for always supporting.

I see the wealth of nations flowing into us, but as wise stewards, we invest back out into the nations, through ‘the church, through which He (Jesus) speaks and acts by which He fills everything with His presence.’

I see us being so known, so trusted, so valued, that even our bitterest detractors for our Christian faith still use us because they cannot deny the positive impact of what we are doing. I see our wealth funding the church around the globe and setting in motion a new wave of prosperity for all.



James Hinton

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