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I Connected With My Purpose and Everything Changed. Here’s what happened.

Day 692: The 15-Year Credibility Challenge

James Hinton
4 min readDec 4, 2022


November 2022 was a huge month for my ongoing 15-Year Credibility Challenge. I achieved a number of new records:

  1. 77 New Followers on Medium. More than double my previous record of 32 from the month before.
  2. $63.73 USD in Medium earnings. More than triple my previous record of $20.44 USD from the month before.
  3. 1st article to reach 1,000 views in its lifetime.
  4. Most number of articles published in a single month (approx 30 depending on when they’re released)
  5. Most number of days for the trading indicator program to operate unsupervised.

So What Changed?

For the first time in seemingly forever, I sat down and developed a strategy, plan, and execution schedule for what I felt called to do.

Not what people expected me to do.

Not what my perception of society informed me I should do.

Definitely not what felt comfortable or safe to do!

Let Me Explain

I’ve always found myself intensely connected to the process of learning, writing, teaching, and sharing. I remember moments of intense joy and excitement when I got to exercise these strengths growing up, and the corresponding times of intense effort I would put into developing these products/experiences/outcomes.

Somewhere along the way, these natural talents got smothered. I experienced a number of years in a wilderness of dissatisfaction as I tried to become someone I actually wasn’t.

I experienced great success in the metrics which I told myself mattered (earning power, team size, expertise), but something just didn’t seem right.

I was constantly stressed to an unhealthy degree.

I couldn’t sleep properly at night (note not because of any medical reason)

I felt a weird sense of dissatisfaction

I was dislocated from my purpose

I Made the Decision to Change



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