How Content Creation + Algorithmic Trading = More Revenue & More Joy in My Life

James Hinton
11 min readMar 1
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The title almost seems like click-bait — but it’s not. However, learning what I mean by the title? Probably not what you expect.

Embracing the Purpose of Money

Before I can share about how I got there, I’ve got to be upfront about shifting my perspective on the Purpose of Money. Let me explain.

Maybe you’ve heard one of these phrases:

“Money doesn’t equal happiness.” Often proudly spoken by a monk-like figure or a preacher thundering from a pulpit. Sometimes they’ll cast it as a moral imperative, incorrectly quoting the bible, “Money is the root of all evil”.

Or, “More money makes you happy!” In my mind, when I hear this phrase, I think of ‘Mr Wonderful’ from Shark Tank/Dragons Den — Kevin O’Leary and his laser focus on money.

Picture of Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr Wonderful, from his website
Credit to Kevin O’

I think both these narratives are wrong. Seeing money as either ‘evil’ or ‘the answer to happiness and joy’ just doesn’t work. Embracing either only leads to hurt, pain, lack, and damaged relationships.

Instead, I had to learn to look at money differently.

Here’s a few thoughts about money. Money gives me options. Money allows me to invest in the things that are important to me. That might be something tangible like a company on the stock market, but it could also be something intangible like having extended time with my newborn son.

I realized there are 5 purposes to money.

  1. Money allows you to invest
  2. Money allows you to provide
  3. Money allows you to create
  4. Money gives you space
  5. Money enables growth

What money doesn’t (or shouldn’t) do is:

  1. Control me
  2. Make me think about it all day every day
  3. Make me happy when I have some and sad when I don’t
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