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Democratize Advanced Trading: Goals v1

James Hinton
2 min readAug 10, 2023

Accepted into buildspace S4 N&W ✔

Now the hard work has really started.

Embracing the Whirlwind

I’ll start by giving a huge shoutout to the team at Buildspace. I’m just one of 10,000 people who got accepted into the program, so if I’m feeling the heat, I can only imagine how they’re feeling!

My motto for the past 48 hours has been to own my emotions and embrace the whirlwind.

It’s been an amazing, scary, exciting, terrifying ride, but I’d 100% rather be here than anywhere else.

Idea Slide

The first 48 hours has been focused on us nailing our ideas slide. To pass our first assessment, we had to post our slide on social media, then give 5 other people feedback. Here’s mine on Twitter (ahem X), LinkedIn and Insta. Even made an Insta Reel!

The feedback I got on mine has been awesome. I never would have thought I’d invest so much time in such a seemingly simple thing!

Here’s what it looks like (currently v8).

Idea slide for Buildspace Nights and Weekends Season 4

MVP Time

Although we’re not at this stage in the course, I wanted to get on top of my development work. After all, I’m determined to give this my 100% best shot.

Product Demo Goals

Here’s a Figma of my goals. I’m keeping it updated as much as possible.

Customer Centric Statements

  1. A customer should be able to spend 90% of their time building algorithms.
  2. A customer should be able to add indictors in a minimum amount of time
  3. The process from backtest -> optimization should be no more than a switch away.
  4. Customers algorithms should be kept local to their device/codespace when backtesting
  5. Automation everywhere practical
  6. Product should ‘just work’

That’s all for now, will update soon.



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