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Accepted into Buildspace N&W S4

James Hinton
6 min readAug 6


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You might be wondering…wtf is N&W S4?


Check out the TL,DR or read the longer post at the bottom.


  1. I have been accepted in to Season 4 of Buildspaces Nights and Weekends (N&W S4)
  2. I need help getting there — are you keen? If so, scroll to the bottom to see the ways you could assist.
  3. Follow me on my six week journey to attempt to take my idea for a fully cloud based algorithm trading bot builder to the next level.
  4. Over the next six weeks, you’ll see me building stuff live on YouTube, get to participate in my product launches


I first came across Buildspace when I was getting into Web3 — specifically Solana, the Rust programming language, and building Web3 websites. Back then they were a company where people built awesome, high-quality, interactive training programs.

I loved the experience so much, I added their accounts to my socials, signed up to their Discord and kept a close watch.

Build something you give a sh*t about

A few months ago, I started to see a bunch of traffic from Farza (check him out, he’s a really cool guy), the founder of Buildspace about a new direction they were going.

Recently, Buildspace pivoted to running what they call “A place to build something you give a sh*t about”.

Put another way, they have built/are building a multinational program where you can:

  • Bring any idea you care about
  • Apply to a season of Nights & Weekends
  • Be involved in a program for six weeks to build and demonstrate your work
  • If you are successful in this program be given a shot to demo your work and win up to $100k

So. About my update.

Since publishing my first series on connecting Python to MetaTrader 5, it’s fair to say that my life has changed radically.

On the work front, I am now working full time on developing algorithms, solving…



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